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Image by Alan Calvert

Cox Distraction Technique

Our Doctors at B.E.S.T Chiro Clinic are certified in the Cox method.

The COX technique developed by Dr. James COX.

  • Evidence-based (science acceptance and effective)

  • Flexion-distraction

  • Clinic-based and federally-funded research 

  • COX Table Instrument

What is the COX Method/ Cox Technique/ Cox distraction?

Backed by clinical research, education, and documentation, the Cox technique can be used for a variety of spinal pain conditions. Patients are placed on the Cox Table, the Cox technique is doctor-controlled (smooth, slow, rhythmically-applied) and specific levels (hand pressure, table motion) are applied to patients' spine when undergoing treatment. This enables patients access to the relief of lower back pain, neck pain as well as pain in the arm, leg that arise from pain due to lower back or neck conditions. Moreover, the Cox methods can be used to treat disc herniation at the cervical spine level in addition to pinched nerve, sciatica, joint irritation etc
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