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Payment Options:

We accept personal checks, cash, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Insurance Information

Payment is due at the date and time of service. We do not bill insurance for our patients; however, we are able to provide a statement sheet (a.k.a. superbill). The superbill can be submitted to client's insurance companies for reimbursement. That is, we can claim for your treatment services, and patients can be credited for upcoming treatments. Most major insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment. At present, we are not members of any HMO or PPO organizations.


We are a Non-Participating Provider, which means the patient with medicare pays us at the time of the visit, and we will bill Medicare for them. Medicare will reimburse the patient directly. Medicare will usually send the final billing information along to any secondary insurance a patient may have. Please Note: Medicare does not cover the cost of your initial visit, second visit, or any x-rays that may be necessary.

Personal Injury Cases

Our office policy is to not accept third-party liens in personal injury cases. We will bill your automobile insurance MedPay policy, or if none is available, your health insurance plan if applicable. Otherwise, payment will be due at the time of service for any uncovered balances.

Worker's Compensation Cases

We do not  serve worker's compensation cases in our office.


Clinic email

Clinic number

  • 714-546-1947

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